Rainbow Six Siege upcoming Irish operator to be named Thorn and get a new weapon? Dev team leak name in now-edited AMA post, and reveal info on new Battle Pass

siege irish operator name thorn new weapon

Rainbow Six Siege’s upcoming Irish operator could be called Thorn – and get a brand new weapon – according to community interpretations of a developer Q&A.

The Siege dev team took part in an ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) session on Reddit this week, and Fnatic streamer BikiniBodhi spotted this now-removed line highlighted below:

The answer was in response to Reddit user Loose-Gur-2721, who asked: “Is there any chance that we will be getting any new weapons in the future, rather than recycling previous ones?”

Game director Aurélie Débant said in this answer: “Each year we bring a new weapon. Recently we have released the Gonne-6 to help for the 20 sec meta and a new one will be available soon (it’s the weapon of Thorn so I don’t know if you want to mention it).”

The section in brackets has now been removed, but some have taken Thorn as the name of the upcoming Irish operator, who has previously been confirmed by Ubisoft as the Year 6 Season 4 operator.

Data miner Zer0Bytes_ claims that Thorn’s full name will be Brianna ‘Thorn’ Skehan. She will apparently be 28 years old, come from County Kildare, Ireland, and be a defender operator type.

The fact that Thorn is getting his own new weapon has intrigued those in the Siege community, and it seems a new gun will be a welcome addition. Siege doesn’t yet have an Irish operator, though it does have British operators Thatcher, Sledge, Mute and Smoke, part of the SAS.

The Season 3 operator will be from Croatia, said to be an attacker, and the operation will apparently be called Crystal Guard.

Ubisoft recently announced Year 6 Season 2 as North Star, featuring North American operator Thunderbird. This follows Season 1, Crimson Heist, featuring Rainbow Six Siege’s first openly gay operator, Flores.

YouTuber Kudos also spoke about the Thorn leak in this video:

Elsewhere in the developer AMA, Ubisoft confirmed that cross-save functionality is coming in 2022, so that players wanting to switch from console to PC will be able to keep all of their unlocks and cosmetics.

Benjamin Azoulay, technical director for live operations, said: “[Cross-save] is coming in 2022. You’ll be able to transfer all your cosmetics to PC once it launches.”

Ubisoft also spoke about the Battle Pass, saying they’re ‘looking right now at ways to bring some of the privileges from the Year Pass back to the Battle Pass in the upcoming seasons’.

Christopher Budgen, associate game director, said: “While we are happy with the value we added to the Battle Pass by incorporating the new operator, we feel we lost a lot of the benefits that were previously given to Year Pass owners. We are looking to re-introduce these benefits in the short term, including Boosts to Battle Points earned from Premium Battle Pass players.

“We are actively working on a new type of Battle Pass that won’t be found anywhere else.”

Christopher Budgen, Ubisoft

“Additionally, we are still not satisfied with our Battle Pass solution overall. We want to be leaders in innovation and have an offering to players that is uniquely R6 Siege. We are actively working on a new type of Battle Pass that won’t be found anywhere else.”

Mohammed Benhenneda, business strategy and live performance director, added: “In the upcoming seasons, we want to tackle the progression feeling of the Battle Pass and the progression boost that was a privilege from the Year Pass which will be added back to the Premium Battle Pass is our first step towards tackling this issue. We’re also looking to tweak challenges and make them more engaging in the upcoming seasons.”

Ubisoft also said Siege has evolved so much over the years it could easily be called Siege 2:

Earlier this month, the Rainbow Six Siege community reacted to Outbreak skin packs returning without the game mode.

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