Endpoint become most-decorated ESL UK & Ireland Premiership team after winning fifth CSGO Prem in a row

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UK esports organisation Endpoint are the most successful team in the ESL UK & Ireland Premiership.

They picked up their fifth ESL CSGO Prem trophy in a row today – and their seventh overall – making them kings of UK CSGO.

The seven titles also mean they’re the team with the most Prem titles overall, even taking into account Prem tournaments in games outside of CSGO. Other teams hot on their heels include MNM Gaming, who currently have five titles across multiple games.

Endpoint (also known as Endpoint CeX after they struck a seven-figure deal with the retailer) beat Chetz Esports 3-1 in the grand final today.

Endpoint’s roster was also slightly different in today’s final, with oskarish standing in for mezii, due to mezii being locked this season as he already played in the Pro League with Cloud9.

Last month, UK CSGO player mezii joined Endpoint after leaving Cloud9, and fellow UK player Thomas also rejoined Endpoint, from Team Envy.

Elsewhere in the Spring 2021 ESL CSGO Premiership, Team XENEX finished third while UMX Gaming took fourth place.

The CSGO ESL Premiership is one of the longest-running ESL Prems, with other tournaments over the years also including League of Legends, Rainbow Six, Hearthstone and more.

Earlier this year, Endpoint took part in the upper-tier ESL Pro League for the first time. They finished fourth in Group D, with two wins and three losses, picking up victories over Fnatic and Evil Geniuses.

Endpoint also recently announced their academy CSGO roster

Adam ‘Adz’ Jessop set up Endpoint back in 2016.

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