epic32 winners roundup: Who won at epic.LAN?

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The latest version of UK LAN event epic.LAN took place last week – in an online format aka epic.WAN – and a host of esports winners emerged.

epic32 saw teams go head-to-head in a range of games, including CSGO, Valorant, Starcraft 2 and Rainbow Six Siege.

Last month, epic.LAN announced its esports prize pools were boosted following a string of sponsor deals, with the likes of Intel, Overclockers UK, noblechairs, Logitech G and more.

Starting off with Valorant, that tournament was won by Wave Esports who took home the top prize of £1,900, followed by Rix.gg in second place who won £950.

Team Vitality forfeited their third-place prize money due to the team dropping out, so epic.LAN donated this money to GameBlast 21. This meant funds went to UK-based charity SpecialEffect, the charity set up to help disabled people play video games.

The Last Resort won the Rainbow Six Siege tournament, bagging them £425 and a spot in the Rainbow Six UK and Ireland Nationals Division 2.

Austrian Force and Win Your Ones finished in second and third place respectively.

Looking at CSGO, that competition was won by UMX Gaming, who took home £1,300 and became back-to-back epic.LAN champions.

Peak Esports were runners-up, receiving £700, while Dobbos Bowl Cut & Co finished in third place, claiming £400.

Then in Starcraft 2, Soul was the overall winner, taking home £250. Soul finished ahead of Gerald and SouLeer in second and third place respectively.

There were also a host of community tournament winners, including Blackout Gaming who won PUBG Squads, beating the team with the best name of the event:

DaveMarr was named Intel Community Champion.

You can check out the full list of winners from epic32 on the epic.LAN website.

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