UK casters Excoundrel and Foxdrop to remote cast the LEC again, Caedrel to cast in the NA LCS this week

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UPDATE (March 12th): Foxdrop and Excoundrel are being called up again, plus there’s a bunch of other caster news that Quickshot announced on Twitter:

UPDATE (March 7th): Fellow UK caster Caedrel will be casting in the NA LCS next week, with Kobe set to cast the LEC in Europe:

Original article (March 4th):

UK League of Legends hosts and content creators, Ceirnan ‘Excoundrel’ Lowe (pictured left) and Dan ‘Foxdrop’ Wyatt (right), will be working on the LEC broadcast together this week.

The pair made the announcement in a fun social post on Twitter earlier today, starting with Foxdrop asking how they could appear on the LEC broadcast and talking silliness for precisely 0 minutes and 56 seconds:

The pair will be casting together in the LEC. They come with tons of pedigree in League of Legends and esports. Foxdrop started out making jungle guides years ago and branched out to the esports stage four years ago in the now-defunct ESL UK & Ireland Premiership.

He has also appeared on LEC, EU Masters and other broadcasts.

Excoundrel is an experienced caster having also worked on the EU Masters, NLC and others, and once on the LEC as a host, but this will be the first time he’ll be casting the LEC.

Esports News UK understands they will be casting the first two games on Friday March 5th, which would be Schalke vs Mad Lions and Misfits vs Astralis, and possibly on Saturday too.

As remote casters, there will be extra technical hurdles for the pair to leap through, as they won’t be in the LEC studio in Berlin.

Foxdrop was expected to cast for a few weeks earlier in the year, after being announced on the LEC broadcast team in January 2021, but the additional Covid and Brexit complications may have stunted that.

This week’s LEC broadcast starts on Friday March 5th, with the first game getting underway at 5pm GMT.

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