League of Legends casters unite to launch EUniverse, a new YouTube channel covering the European Regional Leagues

EUniverse ERL LoL Esports Channel

Top League of Legends casters from across Europe are teaming up to throw a spotlight on the tiers below the LEC.

EUniverse is a brand new YouTube channel that aims to release videos around the end of each week, covering the various European Regional Leagues (ERLs).

It’s been set up by Belgian League caster Diede ‘Dino’ Baeyens, NLC caster Mikkel ‘Guldborg’ Guldborg Nielsen, freelance ERL writer Megalodontus (who also produces content for Esports News UK). It’s produced by Dino and Yannick Devos, with the latter also working on graphic design.

The weekly EUpdate episodes will cover ERLs, with various casters getting involved in their spare time, including:

  • Northern League Championship (NLC, covering the UK and Nordics) – Mikkel ‘Guldborg’ Guldborg Nielsen
  • Dutch League (DL) – Omar ‘Woong’ Van Vynckt
  • Belgian League (BL) – Diede ‘Dino’ Baeyens
  • PG Nationals (Italy) – Emiliano ‘Moonboy’ Marini
  • Ultraliga (Poland) – Tomasz ‘TheFakeOne’ Milaniuk
  • Superliga (Spain) – Ainhoa ‘Noa’ Campos

Dino had the idea for EUniverse after casting the EU Masters (EUM) Spring Play-Ins on the Dutch-turned-English stream last year. He shared his idea with Megalodontus and Guldborg and EUniverse was born.

‘We want to allow any League fan to keep in touch with all the ERLs out there’

“The main goal of the EUniverse comes from a shared feeling Guldborg, Megalodontus and I had – we want to allow any League fan to keep in touch with all the ERLs out there,” Dino told Esports News UK. “To highlight great plays and matches to see. To show people the level of competition and what teams to watch out for. To put faces and personalities on each ERL and to create a international platform to achieve this goal.

“At EUM, I noticed that the content I was missing as a fan, I missed even more as a caster. Going into EUM, it’s pretty hard to have a general idea of all the ERLs, and that’s something that comes way easier for tournaments like MSI and Worlds due to the existing content.

“In order to make this happen, I decided to pour every second of free time I had left after work, prep and casting into getting the ball rolling. It took a lot of hours, sweat and YouTube tutorials to get the first episode online.

“The casters seen for every league are doing it out of their own free time and passion for their ERL. It’s amazing how the entire broadcasting community is willing to help out. I literally just DM’ed them through Twitter (except for Guldborg of course) and that’s how we got the ball rolling!”

To end, Dino added: “I would like to welcome everyone to the EUniverse, expect a new episode with more ERLs this weekend and just know that we are working hard behind the scenes to improve on the production. For now, EUpdate will be our main focus but we are hungry to make our other concepts happen as well.”

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