KFConsole: Is it real? And if so, where and how can you buy it?


What started out as a fun bit of publicity – a non-existent KFConsole – has seemingly become reality.

Back in June earlier this year, the KFConsole was ‘announced’, promising resolutions up to 4K at 120fps and ‘unrivalled power from the Zinger processor chip clocked at 11Ghz’.

The announcement went viral just hours after posting on the KFC Gaming Twitter channel, gaining 11m organic impressions globally on the company’s Twitter page.

When Esports News UK checked at the time whether the machine was actually a thing, we were told it wasn’t a real console. So it seemed at that time it was just a bit of fun, a nice publicity stunt.

Fast forward half a year and KFC Gaming announced it is officially launching the KFConsole in partnership with Cooler Master.

The Bargain Bucket-shaped PC features ‘the world’s first built in chicken chamber’, which is kitted out to keep its contents hot, ready for consumption during gaming sessions.

It has a custom built internal cooling system to extract system heat around the outside of the chicken chamber, ensuring that the hardware is kept at a regular core temperature while simultaneously keeping a meal hot.

The campaign brought on board influencers to promote it, such as UK League of Legends personality Foxdrop.

So, what’s the deal here? Is it actually real? When’s it launching?

Is the KFConsole real?

Surprisingly, yes.

Esports News UK reached out to the team behind the press campaign, and a spokesperson told us: “We can confirm the KFConsole exists.”

Mark Cheevers, PR & Social Media Lead at KFC UK & Ireland, added: “Moving forward from our initial teaser campaign earlier this year, we’re so pleased to finally give the fans exactly what they wanted; making the KFConsole a reality.”

KFConsole: Where to buy and how to buy

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A friend of Esports News UK’s just spent a couple of hours searching online for the KFConsole.

Unfortunately for him and others that are looking to buy the KFConsole, so they can game and keep their chicken hot at the same time, it’s not available yet.

A spokesperson told Esports News UK: “We don’t have any details on availability and cost as of yet.”

So there won’t be any KFConsoles being delivered by Santa this year then, but perhaps more news will be coming in 2021.

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1 year ago

Remember the days when the Pizza/ Need for Speed combo was a thing? Or the Call of Duty combo? Now, a KFConsole DiRT5 Combo would be a sweet deal. Or a Forza Horizons 4 combo. At the right price, count me in! When this thing releases at local KFC stores, it had better be available in China, too… Or Australia. Please?
Thanks for the latest update, Dom.

11 months ago
Reply to  Lazza


Nunya Business
11 months ago

ima buy it when it comes out

7 months ago

Does it come with GTA 6?

5 months ago

Lack of fans has brought us to this point