Trials & Tribulations Of The Esports Industry

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While the esports industry has existed for well over a decade, its presence has become more prevalent on the internet and TV in recent years.

Nonetheless, many people still don’t understand why esports is becoming such a huge phenomenon impacting the online casino market, among other related industries. Others wonder whether it poses any risks. 

To understand esports and have all your questions answered, here’s the good and the bad of the esports industry.

What’s Esports?

Esports refers to an organised video game competition between different players, often with audiences watching professional players digitally or physically. The viewership is nothing to ignore, with reports showing a global audience of 458 million viewers in 2019 (according to Roundhill Investments). 

Most of the games featured in these competitions involve teams, with multiple players joining forces to strategize and overcome the challenge. First-person shooter games are among the most common esport game genres, as well as battle arena and real-time strategy games.

Potential Health Risks

Some potential risks of esports involve the fact that the spectators and players are glued to their screens for long durations. According to Harvard Research, that can make your eyes dry because of reduced blinking and damage your eyesight because of overexposure to bright light.

There are also other risks related to players spending too much time on the screen, including posture problems, resulting in heart disease or weight gain.

Where To Watch It

For those looking to enjoy a good measure of whether esports can deliver the kind of entertainment you need, there are various venues you can visit to enjoy the games. Some sports television channels cover different esports events, but most watch matches via platforms like Twitch, or YouTube Gaming and Facebook Gaming.

Most of these gaming platforms come with free mobile apps, allowing you to watch events from anywhere at any moment through Android or iOS. You’ll also find esports arenas.


Throughout the last decade, the popularity of esports has soared significantly, resulting in its audience’s growth. Market experts also suggest that esports will generate about 1.8 billion in 2022 while recording audience growth of between 220-350 million people.

This tremendous growth may come as a surprise to many, but probably not to gamers. Video game competitions aren’t new to the world. One of the first recognised competitions came in 1972 through “The Intergalactic Space War Olympics” hosted by students from Stamford University.

However, esports took a new turn in 2002 after the launch of Xbox Live, which allowed players to compete online using their consoles. That was only two years before the Halo 2 Online Tournament launch – one of the first esports events broadcast on TV. 

Bottom Line

Whether you enjoy games in the real or virtual worlds, what attracts fans to all kinds of sports is the excitement and competitive thrill of watching two sides engage in organised competition. And though some people may consider esports a real sport, while others don’t, it has undeniably grabbed the attention of millions of players and viewers worldwide, regardless.

Promoted article (contains affiliate links)

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