University College London win Planet9 University Invitational

ucl win planet9 university invitational

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University College London (UCL) dominated the Planet9 University Invitational to emerge as London’s top uni League of Legends team.

They beat University of Roehampton London (ROE) 3-1 in the best-of-five grand final last weekend to take the £1,000 top prize.

ROE claimed £500 as runners-up, while third-place Imperial College London (ICL) took home £250. They beat London South Bank University (LSB) 2-0 in the third-place best-of-three playoff. Both UCL and ROE won their semi-finals 2-0 to meet in the final.

planet9 uni invitational final bracket

While every team had their moments, it’s fair to say UCL were the most consistent side. All their players stepped up, making them toughest to beat.

FiLexMAMO established a firm cs lead in their games, going for a rather zoomy Vlad with Cosmic Drive in a few matches.

Jungler Puru also made some excellent ganks and established map control with picks like Skarner and Lillia, as did mid-laner TwinWarfare with picks like Trinity Force Twisted Fate.

ROE fought hard in the grand final and deservingly won game three to make things interesting. Top-laner JOJO top made a great engage as Sett at the end to help his team push into the base and take UCL’s nexus. Steelyoung v2 also had a great game, going 7/1/7 as Kai’Sa.

But it was UCL that took the final 3-1 to claim first place in the Planet9 University Invitational.

The majority of votes for the overall tournament MVP went to UCL top-laner FiLexMAMO.

The overall MVP received an additional £250.

The event was well presented, with casters Initialise and MaskedSwan and hosts Daedalus and Counterfeit doing a good job of covering the matches, while big UK League personalities Kasing and Foxdrop appeared as guests to share their views.

You can watch the full finals vod back on Twitch here.

Last chance to win £2,600 worth of Acer Predator gear and 15,000+ Riot Points

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To celebrate the Planet9 University Invitational, tournament partners Acer and Predator Gaming are hosting a giveaway.

There’s £2,600 worth of Acer Predator gear and 15,840 Riot Points up for grabs.

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What’s next for Planet9 and why is it focusing on the grassroots?

planet9 master your play

Planet9 told Esports News UK: “Planet9 is pleased to broaden opportunity for students’ esports involvement.

“Planet9 sees great potential in university students especially during the pandemic and looks forward to taking Planet9 University Invitational to another level as well as growing school esports programs on Planet9 with more players and fans to jump on board.

“Our goal is to expand P9UI to national scale and then to international level. Follow Planet9 to stay in tune.”

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