Planet9 University Invitational Playoff teams confirmed: Group stage recap, finals preview and Acer Predator/RP giveaway

planet9 teams reach playoff

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The final four UK League of Legends teams in the Planet9 University Invitational have been confirmed.

University College London (UCL) will face Imperial College London (ICL) in the first semi-final, with University of Roehampton London (ROE) going up against London South Bank University (LSB) in the other.

The finals will be broadcast on Twitch this Saturday (November 21st) from 2pm. The winner will take home £1,000, the runner-up £500 and third-place £250, with the overall tournament MVP receiving £250.

The Planet9 University Invitational kicked off last week, with eight London-based universities going head to head in League of Legends.

Let’s take a closer look at what happened in the group stages and what we can expect from the playoff finals.

Planet9 University Invitational: Group stage recap

UCL and ROE are arguably two of the teams to keep an eye on. They won both of their group stage matches to sail into the playoffs undefeated.

ICL and LSB of course showed resilience to fight their way through the lower bracket, and will be looking to cause an upset come finals day this Saturday.

You can see all of the results so far in this tweet:

Players to watch going into the finals


At ROE, top-laner JOJO top has been touted as one to watch, but the whole team put in some brilliant performances in the group stage.

Jungler Brachyrhynchos went 9/1/10 and 9/1/8 as Evelynn, while mid-laner savageryy went 7/0/10 as Zoe in game two.

The all-Diamond side of ROE will want to watch out for LSB bot-laner Prota, who went 10/1/12 and 13/1/8 as Samira in the latter group stage games. But it will be a tough semi-final for LSB, who have a mix of Gold and Plat players plus a Diamond jungler Ax1.

Then in the other semi-final, there’s another Samira to watch – and a Leona. UCL’s Diamond 3 bot lane duo of ADC Panax Ginseng and support Gødlife teared things up in their first two games.

They will go up against ICL, whose Diamond 1 top-laner Incident and mid-laner DERESSION have looked strong in the group stages. Incident went 8/1/7 as Malphite in game one.

Whatever happens, we look set for some great UK university finals.

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You can watch the finals live on Twitch this Saturday (November 21st) from 2pm

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