UK org Clique Esports publish statement regarding termination of Apex Legends player Taxi2g’s contract

clique esports

Newcastle-based esports organisation Clique Esports have effectively dropped their Apex Legends team after the actions of one of their players.

Clique terminated the contract of Danish player Svend-Erik ‘Taxi2g’ Høegh after he had some drama with CLG’s American player Christian ‘Nokokopuffs’ Feliciano and apparently made some separate sexist tweets, which have now been deleted.

Clique’s Apex players played against a team who were using controllers in the North American Esports Arena tournament:

“Why grief them? Because they’re dogshit, they rely on aimbot to play the game,” Taxi2g said.

He then posted this tweet and after coming under flak by parts of the community, made a series of now-deleted tweets, including a few comments reuploaded to Reddit by ottrboii. They apparently included this tweet and this.

Clique Esports then published the following statement:

As well as letting Taxi2g go, the org also said they reached a mutual agreement with their other Apex Legends players, Baker and Yuki, to allow them to explore other options.

Clique added that they believe their former team did not grief another team and ‘have not acted wrong in this case’.

However, on the note of the sexist tweets, Clique commented: “In regards to the accusation of Taxi2g to have made a sexist tweet, we would like to state very clearly that we do not believe sexism has any place within esports and our organisation.”

Taxi2g responded to this decision with the following:

And his teammates responded with the following tweets:

Clique’s CEO made some additional comments for context:

And British former pro PUBG and Apex player, Jack ‘Wacko’ Middleton (who is now focusing on Valorant), weighed in on the news:

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