Promod Esports announced: Former ESL UK COO Rob Black launches new specialist esports agency

promod esports rob black

Rob Black, the former COO of ESL UK, has today launched a new turnkey esports solutions agency known as Promod Esports.

The company aims to create ‘world-class connections between IP owners and customers through project management, live broadcast and esports consultancy’.

Promod will aim to do a number of things: to create, organise and manage tournaments, events and broadcasts for its clients, including IP owners, publishers and brands, as well as offer project management and consultancy. It will aim to help both endemic and non-endemic brand owners to reach their customers in a range of activations.

Rob will use his wealth of industry experience to guide his team, which includes project management staff who have worked on some of the largest esports events, broadcasters from esports and traditional media, as well as event management staff with experience in more than 20 different titles.

“It’s clear that esports will continue to need expert service providers to help brands create relevant, authentic connections,” said Rob Black, Promod Esports’ founder and CEO.

“We’re building a world-class white label service to work directly with IP owners on their strategies, products and engagements.

“It’s clear that esports will continue to need expert service providers to help brands create relevant, authentic connections.”

Rob Black, Promod Esports

“I’m incredibly proud of what the growing team has already accomplished. Promod Esports has responded quickly and effectively to the COVID-19 pandemic, and we’ve already created several innovative and successful remote broadcast engagements for partners such as National Student Esports (NSE), the ESL Premiership and UEFA’s eEURO 2020 football tournament – proving that we can deliver different approaches to engage varied communities.”

Esports veterans may recognise the name Promod from the Call of Duty scene in the mid-00s; it was the de facto competitive mod for Call of Duty 4, and Rob was one of the founders.

He was active in the esports scene before this too, playing Call of Duty from the franchise’s inception, and also managed teams and organised tournaments before he co-founded Promod.

“The philosophy behind Promod was all about nurturing talent and growing the esports scene, and we are determined to continue that approach with Promod Esports. I’m delighted by the work we’ve already done, and I’m excited by the work that this brilliant team will do in the future,” added Black.

The news comes one week after another former member of ESL UK staff, Heather Dower, launched a different kind of agency: creative agency Hotdrop.

Both Rob and Heather left ESL UK late last year, after the company announced a spate of voluntary redundancies as part of a global restructure.

For more info on Promod, check out or email them here

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