Lewis Hamilton’s views on sim racing might explain why he’s not taking part in the F1 Virtual Grand Prix Series

lewis hamilton f1 virtual grand prix series

British F1 professional race driver Lewis Hamilton has hinted about why he’s not a part of the F1 Virtual Grand Prix Series.

The tournament, announced back in March, has been a success, bringing pro drivers, esports sim drivers and other personalities together to take part in virtual races online, including pro drivers Max Verstappen and Lando Norris.

Speaking in a Mercedes video interview, as reported by Motor 1, Lewis Hamilton explained why he’s not a fan of sim racing.

“I’m not interested in much driving simulated racing,” he said.

“I never drive simulators, very, very rarely. With simulators it’s very, very difficult, because the movement is never perfect. It’s something they constantly try to improve on.

“Obviously if you’re at home with a simulator the seat doesn’t move, and your mind is telling you that the car’s moving, but you’re not getting any cueing of movements.

“You have to kind of override your mind and I don’t really like doing that and going through that process. Then you get in the real thing, and it’s completely different.

“I don’t find it personally any benefit doing the simulation thing, but the actually fun gaming side of things, when you get to play with friends and people online, that’s a plus stage.”

Lewis also said that Sony had sent him a Gran Turismo set-up to play at home, and he has been trying to beat his own time trials, but that he has veered away from playing competitively in online races for the reasons explained above.

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Wise Man
Wise Man
1 year ago

Countless pro racers play sim racers. Russel proved it’s the car Hamilton has no advantage, so he can’t win. The same reason he doesn’t go for the Race Of Champions.