Ireland’s Phelan Gaming become Munster Rugby Gaming after striking partnership with rugby club

munster rugby gaming phelan

Phelan Gaming, one of the teams participating in the UK League Championship (UKLC), has rebranded as part of a new partnership.

It has teamed up with professional rugby side Munster Rugby to become Munster Rugby Gaming, and it will represent the sports team in future esports tournaments.

Phelan Gaming was founded in 2016 by Ciarán ‘Wings’ Walsh (whom Esports News UK interviewed back in late 2018 as newcomers to the UKLC).

They recently finished third in the UKLC Spring 2020 Season, behind the two biggest teams in the league: Fnatic Rising and BT Excel.

Fnatic Rising win dramatic five-game UKLC final after beating BT Excel in what was arguably the battle of the ADCs

Experienced UK coach Josh ‘Furndog’ Furneaux, formerly of Excel Esports and most recently with Phelan, has been named head coach for Munster Rugby Gaming.

It looks as if the partnership was made with the help of Trev Keane, head of sport and esports at 7F.

Munster Rugby Gaming has also appointed Jonas ‘Valgard’ Schürmann as chief marketing officer, who has courted controversy in the past.

On the new partnership, Ciarán commented: “We have been keen to expand beyond our established esports audience in Ireland and the UK and wanted to partner with a respected club with a passionate supporter base in order to achieve that.

“We believe that with Munster Rugby, we have found the perfect partner to Stand Up and Fight with, not only in Ireland and the UK, but on a global scale.”

Ciarán Walsh, Munster Rugby Gaming

Ian Flanagan, Munster Rugby CEO, added: “In seeking new ways to bring Munster Rugby to a wider audience at home and abroad, we identified the strong performances of Phelan Gaming and were excited to be able to partner with them and feel there is great potential for all involved.”

Munster Rugby’s head of enterprise, Enda Lynch, says the club looks forward to ‘sharing in Munster Rugby Gaming’s fortunes when the action commences this June’.

News sources: Munster Rugby and Esports Insider

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