Prodigy Agency expands into League of Legends, hires British talent agent Crane and signs top-laner mumus100 from the UKLC

prodigy agency

Esports talent management firm Prodigy Agency has moved into League of Legends – and has brought on some experienced names from the UK scene.

Prodigy has appointed British talent agent Nick ‘Crane’ Turberville, who will be working with players and coaches in the LEC and top European Regional Leagues (ERLs).

Crane has previously worked as a League of Legends manager at BIG Clan and is also the co-founder of player database site LOLPros. Back in the day he also helped out at Esports News UK!

Prodigy has also signed Hungarian top-laner Szépvölgyi ‘mumus100’ Márió, who played in the UKLC last split with MnM Gaming. The company will be representing and offering services to him, including ‘career management, strategic guidance, contract negotiation, brand management’ and more, handling things like legal services, marketing and endorsement deals.

Other player announcements are to follow.

“We revolutionised the esports representation model in CSGO and now we plan to do the same in LoL.”

Jérôme Coupez, Prodigy Agency

Prodigy already has clients including CSGO stars ZywOo, woxic, shox, apEX, ScreaM and meyern, Kaydop (Rocket League), Maestro (FIFA), Carl.Jr (Trackmania) and more.

Leading the charge alongside Prodigy CEO and agent Jérôme Coupez is head of League of Legends Sami Harbi, also known as Coach Rico, who has worked for the likes of Fnatic, Dignitas, CLG Academy and more.

Prodigy Agency says it negotiated close to $10m in employment and marketing contracts in 2019, with operations in several games in Europe, North America, Asia, Latin America and the CIS region.

The firm is also involved with the Talent Agent Regulations mission recently launched by ESIC (Esports Integrity Commission), which aims to ensure youth protection and professional integrity in talent agent operations.

“I couldn’t be more excited to expand Prodigy Agency into League of Legends, one of the biggest competitive games in the world,” said Jérôme Coupez, CEO at Prodigy Agency.

“We revolutionised the esports representation model in CSGO and now we plan to do the same in LoL.”

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