Legends of Runeterra to exit beta and fully launch on PC and mobile later this month

legends of runeterra launch

Riot Games’ League of Legends card game spin-off, Legends of Runeterra, is releasing on April 30th 2020 on both PC and mobile platforms.

It will launch with a new set of more than 120 cards including a new region. Card and champion reveals will ‘begin soon’ and continue through launch, with them expected to be revealed across Legends of Runeterra’s various social media channels.

Riot says that players of the beta will keep everything they’ve earned or purchased so far – it will carry over into the full version.

Legends of Runeterra also boasts cross-platform play, so mobile users will be able to play with people using the PC.

Bear in mind that with the recent mobile launch of Riot’s League of Legends auto-battler Teamfight Tactics, the game does not work on mobiles prior to Android OS 7 or the iPhone 6S, for example it does not work on iPhone 6.

Legends of Runeterra however is a little more accessible. It requires Android OS 5 or iOS9 and, while it does work on 1GB RAM devices like the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPad Air 1, Riot says players with those devices ‘may experience poor performance or interruptions while playing’.

Players of the Legends of Runeterra beta and those that log in around launch (before the end of May 7th 11.59pm PT) will receive an exclusive Moonstruck Poro Guardian.

Players of the beta will also receive a beta season-exclusive icon based on the highest tier they reached in ranked.

There will be a partial ranked reset at launch, with beta players dropping several divisions.

Riot Games has been focusing on mobile of late, with TFT launching on mobile and League of Legends having its own mobile version – Wild Rift – which is due to release later in 2020.

Riot has also enjoyed a lot of coverage and hype this weekend around its upcoming shooter – Valorant.

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