Betfred founder and British billionaire Fred Done invests in new Manchester-based esports publication GGIntel

fred done ggintel

The founder of Betfred, Fred Done, has announced his investment in GGIntel, a new Manchester-based business focusing on esports news, entertainment and media.

The start-up is aiming to providing a mix of content, tournament info and industry updates.

Fred Done can be seen pictured above (centre) along with GGIntel head of ops Jake Bannister (left) and GGIntel MD Chris Young (right).

GGIntel joins a mix of esports publications from the UK including Esports Insider, Dexerto and yours truly, Esports News UK, all of which have their own style and remit.

On a more global scale, many esports publications have emerged over the years. There are sites including ESPN Esports, Dot Esports, The Esports Observer, VPEsports, InvenGlobal and game-specific sites like The Rift Herald, so it’s arguably more competitive landscape than ever. Others, like Yahoo Esports and Slingshot Esports, have come and gone.

UK billionaire Fred Done said: 

“Esports is only going one way and that’s up, and I’m really excited to be involved with GGIntel. I’m looking forward to working with this small but passionate team to create a unique business in an emerging sector.”

Fred Done

GGIntel MD Chris Young commented: “I am delighted to have launched GGIntel in one of the most rapidly growing and exciting industries in the world.

“The aim of GGIntel is to be the global leader in providing transparent, in-depth esports information and education through engaging content written and produced by experts in the field. We are already off to a blinding start, and we’ve only just begun.”

GGIntel has a beta site at the moment and is currently developing what will be its finalised site, as well as recruiting to grow its team.

ENUK welcomes the competition – the more publications out there, the more coverage esports gets, the better we can promote and grow this industry together.

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