Blizzcon 2019 esports: Method EU win Mythic Dungeon International, Team UK exit Overwatch World Cup

method eu win mdi 2019

UK-based esports organisation Method have won the World of Warcraft Mythic Dungeon International at Blizzcon 2019.

Their EU team went up against their NA team in the grand final, with the European players having the edge in the end to finish the dungeon run before their American compatriots.

Method EU have been a dominant force in MDI throughout the year. At the mid-year spring finals LAN, Method EU lost to Method NA in the finals and now take their revenge.

The separate Arena World Championship (AWC) takes place today on November 2nd. With the help of player in-game toy sales, Blizzcon 2019 has the largest prize pool for WoW esports of all time: $660,000 ($330,000 for MDI and $330,000 for AWC).

Meanwhile, in the Overwatch World Cup, it’s disappointment for Team UK who lost 3-0 to holders South Korea, 2-1 to France, 3-0 to the USA and 2-1 to Sweden.

Fusions added: “My drive to improve in overwatch is higher than its ever been so I promise you I will keep improving for 2020 and go above and beyond everyone’s expectations. Thank you everyone for the crazy support again this year.”

It’s a shame to see Team UK’s run come to an early end in the group stages, especially taking into consideration the strength of their performances at the Overwatch World Cup in recent years.

Last year, they reached the semi-finals where they were knocked out by Canada, and in 2018 they reached the quarter finals before being defeated by Sweden.

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