Riot to launch Clash global beta in December

League of Legends Clash

Riot Games’ largely anticipated League of Legends Clash mode will begin its global beta in December.

The Clash game mode will run on two separate weekends, beginning 7th-8th December, with the second running on the 14th-15th December.

Players will have three ways to earn tickets for the Clash test weekends.

Purchasing a ticket with blue essence will grant the player access to the mode. Tickets can also be gained by completing LoL’s daily missions or via the Clash website.

Participating in the global beta will grant players access to new rewards, which have yet to be confirmed. The rewards are exclusively available to the global beta, so you’ll have to find a team over the weekends to claim them.

Clash will operate on the upcoming pre-season changes, featuring the new elemental drake system and map alterations.

Clash entering the global beta stage means the mode is nearing completion, ready for its launch as an official LoL game mode.

Riot recently ran several tests over the last few months, with servers proving stable in all regions, including Europe.

Riot released their roadmap of Clash’s development 5 months ago. Since then, they have committed to 22 test weekends across 11 regions.

Riot Iamwalrus mentions that the previous tests had small issues, but Riot was able to correct the issues presented.

If Clash’s global beta proves successful, the next stage of its development is a permanent release date.

Riot will continue ironing out any kinks in the system post-global beta. But rest assured Riot plan to launch Clash within the first few months of 2020.

Since Clash’s announcement in May 2018, the mode’s development has been plagued with technical issues. The mode suffered from too many launches simultaneously, but the current formulae works much better.

Clash’s journey seems to finally be coming to a satisfactory end, as the mode looks more promising than ever.

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