UK esports managers react to new LoL Esports Manager game: ‘Can’t wait for players to fail their toxicity checks just before the season starts’

lol esports manager

Earlier this week, Riot Games announced it is developing a League of Legends esports team management simulation game, titled LoL Esports Manager. And actual managers in the UK LoL scene reacted to the news in good humour. Here’s our pick of comments.

LoL Esports Manager is certainly an interesting concept: it will allow players to put themselves in the shoes of a pro team’s manager.

As outlined in the game’s announcement post, it’ll include strategy, team selection, picks and bans and features two modes – single-player or competing against others in a ranked mode. It’s Football Manager, but for esports, basically.

Starting with the LPL in 2020 and gradually introducing players from other leagues and additional regions (LEC, or even UKLC, maybe?!), it sounds like a lot of fun.

Interestingly, LoL Esports Manager will also share a portion of revenues to pro teams featured in the game.

What do UK LoL managers think about the game?

Here’s a selection of tweets to peruse. Enjoy.

And some more from outside the UK scene...

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