'This criminal behaviour needs to get out of society' – UK FGC host Logan Sama on disturbing reports from EVO after-party

logan sama evo harassment

Logan Sama, British fighting game host and owner of event organiser Winner Stays On, has spoken out over sexual assault allegations at an EVO after-party last weekend.
Over the past week, several reports of groping, sexual assault and drink spiking have emerged from the fighting game event’s Red Bull after party.
Logan said in a video posted on Twitter (embedded below): “Yo guys, do me a favour please, when you’re talking to women, remember they’re people.
“We all have dreams, hopes and aspirations and are all worthy of respect. When I see people starting conversations with women in the FGC where it’s clearly only directed towards getting something out of them, it’s wack.
“So let’s sort those social interactions out. All of this shit that’s happened last weekend with this illegal, criminal behaviour of women getting sexually assaulted, people’s drinks being spiked… that shit just needs to get out of society in general.
“In the FGC (fighting game community) I feel like we can work on making it a more inclusive and welcoming space. Just talk to other human beings like they’re human beings, rather than targets or prey to get something out of.
“We’re all just nerds that like pressing buttons and enjoy fighting games. Don’t come into this space with the aim of doing anything other than that. I would really like to see people work on their interactions a bit more.”
“Let’s leave it at that and make it a better space for everybody – I think that would help.”
You can check out Logan’s video and further comments on Twitter here:


‘Nobody should ever feel unsafe for being a part of the FGC’ – what happened at the EVO after-party

Logan’s comments come after the aforementioned allegations made about the EVO after-party.
Specifically, former GameSpot and Yahoo Esports editor Zorine ‘harli’ Te, who is now at esports brand consulting and marketing firm Player 2, detailed the following incident:

Harli also told Dexerto that she filed a police report following the incident.
Additionally, competitive fighting game player and streamer Ana ‘SMGxPRINCESS’ Black tweeted the following:

Then there’s the reports of drinks being spiked. Tong Lee, chief of staff at CEO Gaming, commented:

HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas said they were cooperating with local authorities on the matter.
Image source: Joe Brady/Gfinity

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