Dignitas announces merger with Clutch Gaming

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On June 6th, Dignitas announced they will merge with NA Organisation, Clutch Gaming.
As part of the merge, Team Dignitas will acquire Clutch Gaming’s League of Legends LCS franchise spot.
This marks a return for one of the most historical brands associated with LoL Esports.
Dignitas once fielded teams in North America and in Europe.
They sold their EU roster in 2015 when they qualified for the EU LCS.
Dignitas lost their NALCS roster due to a failed bid for the 2017 franchise system. This was the first franchise system to be introduced in League of Legends, with it expanding into EU earlier this year.
Michael Prindiville, Chief Executive Officer of Dignitas, said: “The return of Dignitas to League of Legends is the best story in esports and the comeback narrative that we’re thrilled to tell in lockstep with our fans. In addition to returning DIG to the biggest, most entertaining esports league in the world, this merger marks an important step in our trajectory as we build a global gaming-centric new media and entertainment company.”
The merger will see Clutch Gaming be incorporated into the portfolio of Dignitas teams. Dignitas is owned by Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment, the owner of Philidelphia 76ers.”
Sebastian Park, VP of Esports with Clutch Gaming said: “I’m incredibly excited that Clutch Gaming will join forces with Dignitas. Dignitas is a legacy brand with deep roots in the LCS, and whose ambition and forward-thinking nature make it deserving of a return to the LCS.”
The franchising spot will continue to operate under the Clutch Gaming banner for the remainder of 2019. In 2020, the slot will be rebranded as Dignitas, marking the return of the yellow and black to North America.
Dignitas’ founder Michael “Odee” O’Dell made a deal where Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment acquired the UK organisation in 2016. This was one of the biggest deals in esports at the time. 

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