Slot Games Inspired By Esports

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The growth of esports has been one of the success stories of the 21st century, but nobody could have possibly envisioned the popularity that it has achieved. The steady growth of the industry has taken the world by storm, and that is something that online casinos have been quick to jump on board with.
The two sectors have similarities. Away from online casinos producing an opportunity to play all your favourite gambling pastimes, they have tapped into the market by enabling esports betting – one of the most significant growth areas of gambling in recent years. Punters should be sure to check out to find the perfect casino for them, which can fulfil all their needs.
However, the physical casino is still the fundamental base that keeps the online casino competitive, and they have further encouraged players from an esports background to get involved by introducing slot games that are aimed primarily at the gaming sector.

Call of Duty

One of the most popular titles on the esports circuit was Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare which was followed by many other Call of Duty titles. The franchise’s continued success with such a big audience was an easy adaption for a slot game as it wouldn’t undoubtedly bring with it a vast number of players that would be interested.
The game is available online at CryptoLogic Casino and enables players to select the up and down arrows to alter the number of active pay lines and the stake. When the player is ready, they choose ‘Spin’, and an autoplay function is available should the player wish to play without interruption.
The vital aspect that players must remember is to stay alert because the wild soldier symbols which make pay line wins easier appear at any point. Online casinos say it has been a significant success among esports fans that enjoy online casinos.

Mario Slot

It should come as no surprise that a franchise which is ranked as the highest-grossing in the history of gaming has been contested in esports competitions. There have been over 500 million units sold, and the transition to the Italian character into a slot version was seamless.
The single-player game is developed by NanoGameSoft and boasts five reels with ten pay lines. Just like the Mario franchise game series, it is known to engage players for hours on end.

Specialised Games

One of the things that makes online casino games so entertaining is the fact that they can all be different, and that has been something that GameCo are attempting to tap into. Their new venture will see an opportunity to combine slot machines and the esports market by creating skill-based games, as opposed to games just being down to luck.
The game is modelled on popular PC, mobile and console games and will include single player games which will take around a minute to complete. This could possibly be one of the most significant gambling/esports evolutions to date and will aim to bring a host of new players to online casinos.

Promoted article (contains affiliate links)

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