Former London Esports team join Vexed Gaming

LDN Esports

The former London Esports Counter-Strike roster has joined Vexed Gaming ahead of week four of the ESL Premiership.
On May 29th, it was revealed that London Esports would be parting ways with the roster “effective immediately.”

It was also stated that London Esports would be working to bring a new roster into the organisation.
In a press release, Vexed Gaming’s Chief Gaming Officer Mark Weller expressed his excitement regarding the new signing: “Our new roster gives us the number one Counter Strike team in the UK and, with the correct support, will be top 30 in Europe and impact the global arena.”
Vexed Gaming’s coach Ash had this to say on the move: “We’ve built an amazing talent pool with our roster and are thrilled to be part of the Vexed stable going forward. Their leadership, direction and holistic support will give us the opportunity to prove ourselves against the best players in Europe and the world.”
The team have had a solid start to 2019, winning Insomnia 64 and Grosvenor Season 2. Along with the tournament wins, Vexed are currently 4th in ESEA Advanced.
The all-UK roster will debut under the Vexed banner in week four of the ESL Premiership, where they will play ReflexEU.

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