A new LoL Scouting Ground is on its way

A new League of Legends scouting ground is upon us. Nordavind’s LoL manager Ole-Andreas “Kami” Skår is hosting his own scouting tournament.
As it stands, there are four teams currently in this tournament, with several players and support staff from the UK.
Here is a list of talent taking part in the scouting ground:

Team AJ:

Top – TheGovernorLoL (UK)
Jungle – sawyorlol (CZ)
Mid –  draganeLoL (SE)
ADC –  Namex99 (SE)
Support – ReclamationEU (UK)
Manager – aj_esports (UK)

Team Eir:

Top – NovachronoLoL (AT)
Jungle – Zenoz_LoL (FR)
Mid – Kyoshi_west (CZ)
ADC – Frappii1 (FR)
Support – DamnSlayerr (PL)
Manager – EchoFoxEir (FR)

Team TomDan:

Top – ToliamWasTaken (UK)
Jungle – SpearEUW (TN)
Mid – BeeleyLoL (UK)
ADC – flirtlol (SE)
Support – Mjr_Dee (CZ)
Manager – TheTomDaniels (UK)

Team Versatile:

Top – AoiHaruLoL (RU)
Jungle – w_natti (SE)
Mid – Energyesus (NO)
ADC – Ergo_ProxeYY (HR)
Support – Lofty2101 (UK)
Manager – VersatileLoL (UK)
This is not the first scouting ground that the UK has had a major part to play in.
Excel Esports ran a UK scouting ground in November 2018. whilst the UK Forge of Champions showcased young UK talent.
Excel Esports also hosted a scouting grounds late last year.
However, this tournament has no official LAN stage, or major online league backing it. The purpose of this league is to give an opportunity to up and comers in a friendly online environment.
Players will get to experience a 5v5 team mentality and battle in macro scenarios.  Even team managers are getting trialled on their merit during the scouting ground.
At the moment, the scheduling is underway with more news to come. Some players plan to stream their games but nothing is official. There is even a possibility that UK’s own Versatile may cast a game.

Check back on Kami’s Twitter account for further updates.

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