'Gamers perfect candidates for British military' – UK's first pro gamer Sujoy Roy reacts to ad campaign targeting 'binge gamers'

Sujoy Roy, the UK’s first pro gamer, has commented on the British Army’s new recruitment campaign targeting young people including gamers.
Ad agency Karmarama produced videos and outdoor ads which mention ‘snow flakes’, ‘me me me millennials’, ‘phone zombies’, ‘selfie addicts’, ‘binge gamers’ and more.
While some have criticised the campaign for using demeaning terms, others have welcomed its attempt to reach Generation Z youngsters.
Sujoy Roy, who previously played Quake professionally and is now director of esports for betting platform Luckbox, believes many avid gamers would make great potential military recruits.

“Gamers demonstrate an amazing range of skills, everything from strategy to decision-making. Young people like that are exactly who the Army should be trying to attract.”


He said: “Gamers demonstrate an amazing range of skills, everything from strategy to decision-making to working out the best thing to do. Young people like that are exactly who the Army should be trying to attract.

“Playing different genres of games help develop a wider variety of life skills. Real time strategy games rely heavily on efficient resource management alongside planning long-term strategy to win. In a fast-paced action game, you have to make crucial decision in an instant to outwit your opponent. Team-based MOBAs favour the team that coordinates their efforts best, requiring clear communication and leadership.

“Importantly, gaming is highly inclusive – anyone can take part and that is such a valuable thing in today’s word. Fundamentally, an understanding of and appreciation for gaming will open doors in your career.”

Image source: Forces.net/British Army

The ads targeting gamers in particular tell potential recruits ‘your army needs you and your drive’, and ‘your army needs you and your stamina’.

On the Army describing some youngsters as ‘binge gamers’ and ‘snow flakes’ and the like, Sujoy says there are still common misconceptions around gamers.

He added: “There is still some stigma attached to gaming, but fortunately that is changing as generations move on. People now realise that gaming isn’t about nerds being shut in darkened rooms – gaming is skilful, challenging and highly sociable.

“Many people – myself included – form friendships and bonds through gaming that last a lifetime and exist away from gaming. Gaming has grown to become a dominant form of entertainment and that has brought with it career opportunities. The company I now work for, Luckbox, for example, exists thanks to gaming.”

The British Army’s 30-second ad targeting gamers is as follows:

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