'Gaming house of the future' concept revealed at London's Tate Modern

A flashy new concept design has demonstrated what the top gaming houses might look like in the future.
Design firm Populous showed off the idea at Wired Live the Tate Modern in London in November.
The house includes sections for pro esports players to live in and other areas for fans to experience and watch matches.
Firstly, at street level, there’s a landscaped area for the public which includes a skate park and climbing wall. This is designed to draw people in on non-event days. Inside there’s an ampitheatre in the foot of the building will host esports events for fans, with big screens showing the action. Then there’s ‘The Cave’ which allows fans to watch esports matches on ‘an expansive LED surface which envelops the hippodrome’.
The players themselves would be housed in ‘The Egg’, a room suspended from trusses in a hollowed-out theatre building, set adjacent to the main structure.

There would be separate spaces for wellness, performance and living. For example, Populous says it’s designed a physical divide between the training facilities in one tower, and areas dedicated to downtime and relaxation in the other, such as a swimming pool, normal gardens and also rooftop gardens.

The South Tower would host the sleeping quarters, a lounge, gym and physiotherapy room, while the North Tower would focus on training and data analysis facilities. There would reside ‘The Cube’ (no, not the TV show), where each player would have their own custom ‘battle station’.  has a dedicated ‘battle station’.
The two-tower design would incorporate two pre-existing buildings: one, a former cinema reconfigured to house an events space, interactive exhibition and retail experience; and two, the team’s business headquarters.

To counteract the fatiguing effect dimly-lit rooms can have, the living spaces in the gaming house of the future are designed to be ‘open and flooded’ with daylight, and there are two garden areas for players.

The gaming house of the future would also have ‘Refuelling and Healing Stations’. Players would follow a nutrition programme and be cared for by a team of specialist doctors, physiotherapists and sports psychologists.
Populous also designed the multi-million pound Esports Stadium Arlington in Texas, which opened its doors the other week.

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[…] London’s Tate Modern houses concept Gaming House from Design firm Populous. […]


[…] London’s Tate Modern houses concept Gaming House from Design firm Populous. […]

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