Gfinity and engineering firm join forces to design 'the world's most advanced' integrated esports facility

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Esports tournament provider Gfinity and London-based engineering and design firm Ove Arup & Partners Ltd have partnered to design a ‘world-leading’ integrated esports facility.

The two companies will develop a blueprint for a scalable facility for playing, viewing, training, learning and broadcasting esports.

In a press release the pair said the facility will enable ‘gamers of all levels’ to come together, share experiences and compete.

However, it’s worth noting they are ‘creating the blueprint’ at this stage, and will require another organisation to choose to bring the concept to life.

The press release implied there may be more than one facility opening.

Chris Dite from Ove Arup and Partners Ltd explained: “The latest thinking on integrated esports facilities is high on the agenda of a number of our largest clients. The focus of the project is to create facilities that exceed the expectations of the professional players, the aspirational professionals, the amateurs who want to compete in a fun, safe environment and the fans who support their teams. No one understands this audience better than Gfinity.

“It is not just about the arena where the stars play. It also includes the learning, fitness and nutritional centres that they need to access to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

“The facility will also include residential spaces where thousands of aspirational professionals can come throughout the year to learn their craft. As specialist global leaders in sports architecture and with extensive experience in the field, we look forward to working closely with Gfinity, to achieve the facility of the future.”


“As specialist global leaders in sports architecture and with extensive experience in the field, we look forward to working closely with Gfinity to achieve the facility of the future.”
Chris Dite, ve Arup and Partners


Garry Cook, who joined Gfinity as executive chairman back in May, said: “We are delighted to be working with Arup to design the world’s most advanced integrated esports facility. The esports professional and aspiring amateur learning their craft have similar needs to their counterparts in a host of other sports.

“Environments that optimise their ability to play and train to their highest potential is the difference between winning and losing.

“We will draw on our experiences of owning and managing Europe’s first esports arena in London and engage with our community, which numbers tens of millions of passionate esports players and fans, to hear what they have to say. The final design will be informed from the ground up.

“This is another example that the esports industry is exciting, growing, full of opportunity and is now.”

At this stage, there are no concrete details on the size of the facility, or when or where it may open.
Esports News UK has reached out to both parties and will update this article if we receive additional details.

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