G FUEL to launch Code Vein tie-in drink, CEO reveals in interview

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G FUEL CEO Cliff Morgan has spoken about his plans for the UK and revealed a limited edition flavoured drink will launch alongside action RPG Code Vein.
Speaking to Esports News UK in a video interview, Cliff spoke about G FUEL’s partnerships in gaming and joining the recent UK Esports Awards as Headline Partner.
“We’re always caught up in whatever’s the biggest trends, so right now our streamers are playing a lot of Fortnite!” he said.
“But we also do some stuff with publishers like Bandai Namco. We did a Dragon Ball FighterZ debut and we’re doing some more fighting game community stuff.
“We’re doing more work with Bandai. We’ll be involved with Code Vein. In fact here’s a bit of a spoiler, we might have a limited edition flavour that comes out with Code Vein.”

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Code Vein is an upcoming Dark Souls-style action RPG with vampiric themes. It was originally set to launch this September but was recently delayed to 2019.
Cliff’s interview was recorded prior to the delay, so it’s likely any tie-in drink won’t arrive until next year now. The G FUEL CEO didn’t say exactly what the flavour would be – expect a crimson red-looking energy drink if the game’s themes are anything to go by.

‘You’ll see us do more business in the EU and UK’

CEO Cliff Morgan also spoke about the brand’s activities in the UK and Europe.
G FUEL is partnered with LIME Distribution in the UK, which helps bring the energy drink to the local market.
Cliff said: “We are currently sending G FUEL out to about 150 countries a month, with the EU and UK being a big part of our business and our focus going forwards.
“In fact we’ve started to do business with the UK Esports Awards, this is the first year we’ve done some integration with them and we’ll look to do that in the future.
“And I think you’ll continue to see us do more business with LIME and more business in the EU as we have new products and flavours coming out.”
You can see Cliff Morgan’s full four-minute video interview below: 

In terms of future plans, he added: “We’re not really favouring any specific gaming organisation right now, we do business with FaZe Clan, Team Kaliber, we’re continuing to expand our roster, and obviously the EU, the LIME relationship and our UK friends are an important part of our future plans and expansion.
“So you can continue to see more gaming and stuff that’s trending, some League of Legends, family-friendly gaming shows and trivia shows. There’s a lot of new games, publishers and up and coming stars, so we’ll continue to be in that space.
Cliff also spoke about what sets G FUEL apart, opting for healthy natural ingredients over chemicals, preservatives and sugar, and ‘getting lucky’ in 2012 when the sports and nutrition brand – which has been around since 2004 – shifted to esports and gaming.

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