Epic.LAN 24: Who took home the glory?

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We have had such a huge weekend for gaming and esports this past weekend. From E3, ECS, EGL, and LANdon Rocket League, it has truly been a great weekend.
But we cannot forget about our special UK LAN in Kettering.
Last Sunday, Epic.LAN 24 concluded their summer LAN, with teams picking up their prizes in Dota 2, Counter-Strike, Rocket League and Starcraft 2.


Counter-Strike had a large attendance at this LAN.
Radix esports was your number one seed coming into this event, and that seeding proved to be correct.
In the grand final, Radix waited for the conclusion between NED and CeX, where CeX came out on top.
CeX and Radix met previously in the upper bracket final, and so CeX Resu’s dream came true for that grand final rematch.

In the end, Radix managed to take out CeX 3-0 in the grand final, earning themselves yet another Epic championship.

Dota 2:

Punished Conrad dominated this tournament with a clean sheet right until the end of the LAN.
PC ran a rush strategy that dominated most of the competition at Epic.LAN 24, that was something to note from first time LAN caster WillG.

London esports, on the other hand, had a great run through the group stages and were only knocked into the lower bracket by PC.
In the end, PC was the only team that gave London esports a run for their money, which crowned PC the champions on the final day of Epic.LAN 24.

Rocket League:

The Rocket League tournament had a bit of a shaky start, but nonetheless, it picked up speed with the battles between Augmented Authority and Hostile Otters.
In the group stages, AA and HO battled it out for first place, with AA taking the lead.
Both of these teams met again in the grand finals of the tournament, where once again AA struck them down and became your Rocket League champions.

Starcraft 2

Epic built quite a bit of interest for the top 3 seeded players coming into the Starcraft 2 tournament.
Epic host Ashiaa interviewed Savage, RiSky, and Razerblader, to see just how prepared the 3 of them were coming in.

By doing this video, Savage had to eat his words of not considering his fellow top seeders competition, as he was defeated in the lower bracket.
Moving on into the grand final,  Razerblade and RiSky did battle in a strong battle of humanity vs Zerg. Eventually, RiSky being the favourite of the event pulled through and won Epic.LAN 24 with his Zerg army.

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