EGL London: The big storylines heading into this weekend’s Gears of War showdown

On June 9th and 10th, EGL London will kick off the open Gears of War tournament at Stamford Bridge.

The event will have a $20k prize pool, with a maximum of 32 teams being able to compete.

10,000 Series Pro points will be up for grabs, which will help teams enter and get a better seeding for future Gears of War events.

The Community:

The Gears of War community have been doing their best to hype up the event, ready for the opening day.

Casters Alex "Frew" Frewin and Elliot "Darko" Burgess can be seen here recording a little promo for the event.

Big Gears of War names have already voiced that they are entering the tournament and are making the most of hyping up the event.

Several people in the scene have been encouraged to make their predictions for the event. Here are a few examples below:

On the Spanish side of things, Regel Reserve and Lucent have been trash taking on Twitter. Some of the tier lists have the Spanish sides close, and this how two of the players decided to pre-heat the tournament. (You'll probably need to click the tweet and translate it)


FableGG looks to continue their domination after a successful Sheffield and Vegas run. They recently picked up Rubikz as the team coach, which will surely help them continue their domination.

A great dark horse for the tournament will be Team Supremacy. This line-up has gained the fifth man on the roster and will look to impress since it is their first major appearance since LA.

From the looks of things, Regal Reserve has been very vocal that they are bringing this trophy back home to Spain. Can RR do what they are hyping themselves to be, only one way to find out!

Alternatively, there are some great rematches to be had. Aerox Esports is a strong team, that was eliminated by the fiery Lucent Esports back in Sheffield. Can Aerox return to former glory and deny expectations of them being one of the lower calibre teams there?

Horizon Union has been on the quieter ends of the tier lists. Recently beating top dog teams in scrims, Horizon is looking for a top six finish but will take each game one step at a time to reach that goal.

Jack and Co are a team that struggled slightly in Vegas and Sheffield. Though London has given them a fresh opportunity to rise up and show they are still a force to be reckoned with.

CycloneGG recently announced that RMJ, Tprecision, SammyKLT, Ashens, Achidwick and coach Ruxtino will be joining the org for EGL London. This team of young lads from all across the UK want to show that they have the ability to come in and sweep the competition.

You can watch the Gears of War tournament from tomorrow over at

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