Why did some CoD pros question the legitimacy of CWL Birmingham, and how could it be improved?

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Despite the roar of the crowd and the event being labelled one of CoD’s best, some professional Call of Duty players competing at CWL Birmingham have been critical of the event. Jacob Hale reports.
The complaints come after some upsets and technical issues.
The Iiyama monitors in use were questioned at the start of the tournament due to apparent input lag and slower movement, a difference in comparison to the BenQ monitors that most top players are used to competing on.

This does raise questions, most importantly being how an event in which CWL and MLG employees are in attendance have not sought to maintain the standards and equipment that players are used to.
Whilst Multiplay does a great job in running such huge events, expectations are high for players and fans when MLG creates a great competitive environment time and time again.
The event, while overall a success, has been slightly marred by the issues players have faced.
The event also faced production errors causing delays in the broadcast, and there were reports of some admins not being fully clued up on all of the rules.
This post from Riot Gaming player Emi “t64 Gamer” Rose, on how CWL Birmingham can be improved, runs through some of the issues in detail.
She said: “To avoid these problems in the future at any CWL event, CWL sanctioned and approved admins should be introduced worldwide to help improve the overall experience of the event.

“Many teams had to wait in the event for hours and risk leaving the venue to find food simply because there was no estimated time for games nor was there any reliable way to contact teams about their matches.

“Teams had to keep checking the monitor screen provided by the admins, which was updated long after the bracket leaving teams unsure of when and where their next games would be.”

Like all live events, these things happen of course, it’s how the organisers learn from this going forwards.
It is no secret that the competition is strongest in North America, but with British players being hot on their heels regularly over the last few years, it’s a shame to see our tournaments being delegitimised somewhat due to these errors.
The tournament saw Luminosity Gaming take home the championship, beating Splyce with a 3-1 scoreline in the second Grand Final series.
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(Featured image courtesy of COD World League/ Sammy Lam)

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