Capcom Pro Tour UK dates announced

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Capcom has announced its dates for the Capcom Pro Tour 2018 season and the UK has a couple of events on the calendar.
The dates are July 20th to 22nd for VSFighting 2018 in Birmingham, while the second event is the EU regional final taking place at EGX also in Birmingham from September 20th to 23rd.
This time both of these Street Fighter V esports events are considered Global Premier Events, showing VSFighting’s improved status. No doubt we’ll see competitive UK Street Fighter players book these dates off and flock to these events.
Overall, the 2018 Capcom Pro Tour will have a prize pool worth more than $600,000. 32 players will compete to qualify for this in events throughout the year.
Reigning Capcom Cup champion Mena RD earns an automatic qualifying spot to defend his title in 2018.
This season will also be particularly interesting because of the return of Sakura: a character who has appeared in previous games. This opens up the possibility of players using a variety of different tactics in the coming tournaments.

In 2017, three tournaments took place in the UK. VSFighting7 hosted the Birmingham tournament in August, which saw Razer’s Xian winning, and Hypespotting in Glasgow in April was won by Red Bull’s Luffy.
But the biggest tournament of them all was EGX 2017 at Birmingham NEC, the premier event which occurred in September and saw the homegrown ProblemX win the tournament by beating Gachikun, using his favourite character M.Bison.
Perhaps this year we might see another homegrown champion.
We are likely to see many of the top UK-based Street Fighter players at EGX once again, from Mousesports ProblemX, who finished the 2017 season 6th in the world rankings and 1st in Europe, to Method’s Packz and exceL’s Infexious who respectively finished 5th and 9th in Capcom’s Europe Pro Tour 2017 rankings.
Check out Capcom’s full announcement and schedule and rules here.

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