Arrow League’s 10th Dota 2 season and inaugural Rocket League season get underway

Arrow League’s 10th Dota 2 season and inaugural Rocket League season got off to a flying start, with teams up and down the UK vying to become the greatest university team in their chosen field.

Declan Murphy provides a week one match report.

In Dota 2, newcomers Imperial brushed aside their opposition Herts White with a convincing 2-0 display.

Meanwhile White’s sister team, Herts Blue, carried the Hertfordshire flag rather brilliantly with another 2-0 victory over one of Sheffield Hallam’s two teams, SHU Dota.

Arrow League veterans Lancaster made an example of Derby Raptors in yet another big 2-0 showdown.

After week one, the table is obviously looking close, with tiebreaker mechanics not yet coming into effect. The only surprise being Nottingham’s draw with Lincoln after neither team could find a suitable week.

Over on the Rocket League side of things, 26 teams took to the frontline with a mix of new blood and known veterans.

Rafro’s Newcastle showed the benefits of being established in the UK Rocket League scene with a cool, calm and collected brace of 3-0 wins against De Montfort and Derby Raptors.

Things weren’t all plain-sailing for the pros in Arrow League however, as Wrong_Way_Woody’s Hertfordshire Blue fell short in their second series against Bath to finish the week 1-1 (3-0, 0-3). Interestingly enough, every series in the first round of Swiss went 3-0 either way, with things narrowing in the second round as Warwick got the better of Brighton in a nail-biting 3-2 thriller.

If you’re interested in following the action you can find the Arrow League Rocket League matches on Tuesdays at 8pm on these channels and Dota every Sunday at 8pm over here.

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