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Chances are you’ve heard the name Bitcoin mentioned over the past few years. It has been heavily mentioned in all the major newspapers around the world due to the price growing thousands of percent, making those who were early buyers extremely rich.
It has led many investors searching the marketplace to find the next crypto that can give them thousands of percentage returns over a short space of time.
If you were too late to buy Bitcoin to get the huge returns, you may want to consider buying Skrilla instead. The reason for this is because it is a purpose built esports cryptocurrency that enables wagering to take place.
Like Bitcoin, the gaming industry has experienced a major boom over the last 10 years, and each year that passes it becomes vastly more popular. New technology has fueled this growth, and with VR along with Augmented Reality improving at breakneck speed, the real and digital worlds are continuing to merge.

The esports industry

Gaming is now one of the most played and watched events in the world. Its rise has been staggering, and during 2017, worldwide esports revenues were estimated to reach $696 million according to Newzoo. This has led to the world’s best developers creating games that are specifically designed for the esports market.
The Blockchain is also going to have major impacts on many industries. This technology is what powers all the different cryptocurrencies, but it also has many other different aspects it can be used for. The esports industry is one sector that is about to experience the joys and advantage of the Blockchain thanks to a relatively new ICO called Skrilla.

Skrilla coin

Skrilla is at the forefront of changing the esports industry, by using the Blockchain to give an integrated wagering platform that is fully licensed. It has been created by Puntaa, a peer-to-peer social betting platform that launched three years ago, along with Gamurs, which is one of the world’s largest media company for the esports industry and has more than 3.5 million users.
The Skrilla platform enables tokens to be created using the Blockchain, allowing users to bet, enter contests and get rewarded for doing so.

Why buy Skrilla coins (SKR)?

The esports industry is one of the world’s fastest growing with revenue expected to be over $1.5 billion by 2020.
Due to the vast sums of money at stake, it is vital to have an ultra-secure platform that offers complete transparency and reliability. Skrilla provides this solution by using the Blockchain and tokens so that users can bet in a secure, transparent environment.


There is only one way that the esports industry is going over the next decade and that is up. The sector is only going to grow in size as games – and streaming platforms – become more immersive and engaging.
With talk of the possible inclusion in the Olympics and a push for varsity status, it is on its way to becoming a serious and well-established spectator sport. If you want to take advantage of this, one of the best options is to buy Skrilla coins.

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