StarLadder announces $100,000 PUBG StarSeries i-League

There's a new esports tournament for the top teams in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG).

StarLadder has teamed up with ImbaTV and developer PUBG Corporation (formerly known as Bluehole) to host a new international third-party tournament: the StarSeries i-League PUBG.

It will take place between March 1st and 4th 2018 at the Kiev Cybersports Arena in Ukraine.

The tournament will be using PUBG's Squad mode, so it will be a team-only tournament.

Organisers will invite 16 of the strongest teams from around the world and the prize pool will amount to $100,000.

Further details are scarce as the original StarLadder announcement post has now been deleted, but the website reports that the following regions team invites will be as follows:

  • North America: 4 teams
  • Europe: 3 teams
  • China: 3 teams
  • CIS: 2 teams
  • Asia: 1 team
  • South America: 1 team
  • South East Asia: 1 team
  • Oceania: 1 team

Why are we writing about this on Esports News UK? Well, there are several UK pros in PUBG, including TSM's Gary "BreaK" Marshal and Team Liquid's Daniel "Hayz" Heaysman, who had a stand-off at the Gamescom Invitational back in August.

Team Dignitas also signed a PUBG team a few months ago. So we could see some UK talent taking part in this new StarLadder league.

Amateur esports orgs in the UK scene are also getting involved in PUBG, as well as UK Masters weekly PUBG cups - there's more info in this article on UK PUBG esports we wrote back in September.

PUBG is a hot topic in esports right now and we'll continue to provide coverage around it.

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