The rise of esports as a sports betting option

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For decades, gamers have devoted tons of hours trying to conquer video games. In the early years of video gaming, the target was Donkey Kong, PacMan or Super Mario.
In more recent years, many gamers focus on games like Warcraft, Call of Duty or Minecraft (for the latest and most popular games, you might want to check out the iTunes website with your iTunes Gift Card). The biggest difference between the gamers of yesteryear and today, is that nowadays, players can make a legitimate living while playing their favorite games.
Over the past four to five years, esports has grown massively, with intense competition taking place at both the amateur and professional level.
What’s driving esports to new heights is evident on three different levels. First, the popularity of esports has driven game developers to create new competitive titles like Rocket League and Overwatch, which explore exciting new types of competitive play.
Second, the great advancements in mobile technology are giving gamers the opportunity to play anytime from anywhere at the highest levels possible. This has resulted in the growth of esports like Vainglory and Clash Royale.
Finally, sponsorships and the development of first-class esports leagues has made it possible for gamers to win substantial amounts of cash, playing in various leagues and tournaments.
That leads us to esports as a betting option with online sports books. Once a sport, any sport, can show itself to be exciting, fun to watch and highly competitive, it’s bound to start drawing interest from gamblers.
Today, an increasing number of online sports books from around the world now offer betting on major esports events. With plenty of player and team statistical information already available, punters are actually able to do a little handicapping in order to arrive at a selection.
No one is suggesting that esports is going to replace football or the NFL as the world’s favourite sports to wager on, but there’s certainly something of interest here.
There has been some controversies, but as long as gambling is facilitated in the esports world as an 18+ activity that follows the law, then there’s no reason why it shouldn’t grow and develop further in the future.
Online and cable network broadcasting has finally come along and added the last piece of the puzzle. Gamblers want to feel like they are part of the action. The ability to bet on an esports event and then sit down and watch the game is creating appeal among gamblers.
To be clear, your hardcore professional sports gamblers are still a little cautious about wagering on a team of pro gamers versus another team of gamers. However, those gaming enthusiasts, who understand the nuances of their particular game(s), are showing some interest on making a little cash betting on their favorites teams.
The esports industry looks set to continue to grow – and the betting side along with it.

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