4 surprises in the quarter finals of 2017’s LoL World Championship

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The League of Legends (LoL) World Championship 2017 (Worlds) is progressing, with the knockout stage of the quarter finals having been concluded.
24 teams battled it out at Worlds 2017 group stages in China, with only one winner set to emerge from the two-dozen teams in the finals. It all started on September 23rd and will conclude with a winner on November 4th.
Looking at the 8 teams that made it to quarter finals, there were a few surprises during the knockout stage. Here are a handful of them:

Samsung’s 3-0 win against Longzhu Gaming

It was a surprise to see Samsung beat Longzhu, let alone by 3-0. No one expected this to happen, bearing in mind that the latter were playing at home. All the odds were against Samsung going into the knockout stage.
In the last outing of Longzhu, in group stages, they were able to win 6 games and registered 0 losses. They were the only team in the tournament with such a record and thus it was almost impossible to beat them. However, Samsung proved to be the better team when they knocked them out clean with a 3-0 win to proceed to the semi-finals.

SK Telecom T1’s near miss against Misfits Gaming

It is a surprise to think that Misfits had a chance against three-time World Championship winner SK Telecom T1. However, the 3-2 win against Misfits proved that even SK Telecom T1 are vulnerable.
It would have been a great disappointment for the former world champions to be knocked out by a team like Misfits, and a huge victory for Misfits of course. Although they have been performing poorly at the group stages, SK Telecom T1 had a sigh of relief after escaping that one.
Fans can really look forward to next year’s Worlds as Misfits are set to put on a great show as they did at the quarter finals. Find out how you can play casino online games in top rated and safe casinos. Get to know how you can claim huge welcome bonuses and how to play casino games for free as a beginner.

Fnatic appearing on the scoresheet against Royal Never Give Up

Royal never Give Up always live up to their name. Since they are home, they had a better advantage over the European team Fnatic.
Fnatic were the underdogs going into this match. However, despite this, they were able to win one game in a 3-1 defeat.

Cloud9 take Team WE to a 5-game series

Cloud9 were the last team for North America left in the tournament. Although Team WE had the home advantage, it was still clear that Cloud9 had to prove themselves in this tournament.
Fate would have it that they would fall to the home team by a single game, in a 3-2 defeat. It was not that much of a surprise bearing in mind that it was Team WE that knocked out TSM, which was a favorite North American team in the tournament, but still great to see teams like Cloud9 and Misfits almost causing some big upsets on the world stage.

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