Path of Exile Trading: Learning the Ropes

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A guide for the online free-to-play action RPG.
Path of Exile’s trading scene is lively and unique. However, it’s difficult to get into since it’s not always easy to find what you want to buy or what to put up to sell. Thankfully, there are tools of the trade to point you in the right direction. Google for PoE Traders

So, how do you find sellers with PoE items up for grabs and how do I sell stuff in a sea of trade posts in PoE Trading forums? a website that serves as a search engine for items put on sale.
The platform has a variety of options that allow players to narrow down their search to a specific level. From common parameters, such as Type and Base to the more exact ones, including Minimum and Maximum Attack and Defense, and even properties.
What’s important is that you should find what you want and/or need. Once you do, you know the drill: send a PM, wait for the seller’s response and party invite so that you can go to their hideout, wait for a trade request from the seller, and seal the deal.
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Yes, You Need Procurement

Now that we’ve covered how to find items sold in with ease let’s go to how you can put up items for sale without breaking a sweat.
Since you can quickly set up shop on the forum, your post won’t stay visible for long because lots of people post their stuff. On top of that, it’s not easy to format a trading post.
Go with Procurement, an open-source third-party program that guides players when it comes to sale posts in the trading forums. Don’t let Procurement scare you; GGG is okay with it, and you won’t get penalized for using it. Just download the program, log in and get moving.
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Procurement 101

It’s easy to feel intimidated once you’re logged in, so we’ll give you two sets of steps to use Procurement.
First, go to the Path of Exile trading forums of the corresponding league, create a thread and copy the numbers at the end of the URL. Afterwards, go to Procurement, and then the Trading tab and Buyout settings, paste the numbers on the Thread ID field, and put a shop name.
Next, press save, and then click on the link on the screen, which will prompt you to a login screen that goes to a Compose Message screen. Just fill the necessary fields and send the message.
Keep in mind that the recipient is a bot, who will send you an ID to ensure that your shop is kept up and online for thirty minutes. If you link this to Procurement, your shop automatically gets bumped up by the AI every thirty minutes, ensuring that your shop is up to speed.
Now, to put up items for sale on your shop; go to the Stash tab, which takes you to the items in your Stash. From here, right-click on the item that you want to sell and put the currency and amount on the Buyout panel, and press Save.
To minimize time, you can put the same price on all items in a particular type. Once that’s done, go to the Forum Export tab, place a check in the box beside the Tab name of your choice and click Update Forum Thread. Once the dust settles, check your shop to see if it’s been updated.
Picture a life without tools. Now imagine life as a PoE trader without these tools. To say that it’s difficult is an understatement, so thank goodness for PoE Trading toolkits.

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Mark Weber
Mark Weber
2 years ago

People are indeed trading their poe goods, but doing it recklessly will eventually end up with getting banned. If you want to give yourself this upperhand, then do it safe and sound! Playerauctions that’s mentioned here is in overall decent, but there are other similar services like that also offers features like the Scam Killer – which is self explanatory. I personally recommend it, but above all want to urge others to keep caution when trading online, many similar sites will just take your money and leave you in dust!