IEM Sydney: UK caster HenryG thrown into giant 'pie' to British national anthem

henryg pie 1

Well-known British CSGO caster and former player Henry “HenryG” Greer was thrown into a giant pie/cheesecake concoction on the weekend.
HenryG accepted the punishment after Team UK lost 16-6 in a showmatch versus Team Australia at Intel Extreme Masters Sydney.
Team UK were of course booed when they took to the stage, looking like something crossed between Oasis and a bunch of English football fans.

With it being Britain versus Australia, of course there was some banter and smack talk ahead of the showmatch.
“Fuck you all. God save the Queen!” he said, to the boos of the home crowd.
Chad “SPUNJ” Burchill, Australian CSGO caster/analyst and former player, had this to say in response to HenryG’s comments:

Alas, Team UK were defeated, and HenryG had to eat humble pie. Quite literally.

Here are a collection of tweets recapping HenryG’s sweet moment.

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