Scottish Warriors interview: Our No.1 goal is to up the esports scene in Scotland

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Scottish Warriors are an esports organisation focused on League of Legends, with plans to expand to CSGO.
We ask owner David Davidson about the Scottish esports scene and what’s next for the org.

ENUK: Please tell us about your org, its background and how it was set up.

David Davidson, Scottish Warriors: We are the Scottish Warriors, now an amateur League of Legends team with possible big sponsorship deals depending on performance.
We started as two friends who had an ideology of what it means to be real esports. So we got a team of five and started attending local LAN events and practicing against other teams. Now we have four teams at all ranges of elo, who compete in competitions and compete at LANs.

How did you get into esports?

I got into esports at a young age – I was part of a clan 32-strong called Team Fox. We were a bunch of local-ish lads on PlayStation competing on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.
My love for competing never left. Our co-founder Dylan Piper is recently new to the esports scene as he found his love of esports through League of Legends.

What games are you currently in?

Scottish Warriors only compete in League of Legends at the moment. However, the community does play a lot of different games together and are in the process of making a CSGO team.

What’s the Scottish esports scene like?

Esports in Scotland is really pitiful – it’s poorly backed, it happens irregularly enough for people to keep an interest in it and it’s too easy to sit in the house, not socialize and just play online tournaments.
That’s all well and good but from personal experience it’s lackluster compared to the experience of sitting on a stage. That’s when teams really form a bond together.
scottish warriors ownersScottish Warriors owner David Davidson (left) and co-founder Dylan Piper (right)

Were you at I-Series or Hypespotting in Scotland last year? If so, what were they like?

We didn’t attend I-Series or Hypespotting, however we decided to attend the Resonate Gaming Festival.
Resonate was very unorganized tournament wise the only thing that ran well was the Fifa on the main stage very little teams actually competed in the esports stage side of things between CSGO Hearthstone or League of legends.

What are your biggest challenges as a UK org?

The biggest challenges for our org is struggling to compete in tournaments, so we decided we would start running our own tournaments like the Scottish Warriors Cup. There’s no actual cup involved yet.

“Esports in Scotland is really pitiful – it’s poorly backed, it happens irregularly enough for people to keep an interest in it.”


Please tell us your team rosters in each game.

League of legends team Roster SW Kazric Top Grant Robertson Boks Jungle Ross Taylor SW Inabit Mid Krizstian nemeth Insensitive boy ADC Alistair McQueen Lukey too strong SUP Luke Acland

Tell us what sets your org apart? What is your ethos?

Scottish Warriors Ethos is community. We play, grow and learn as a community.

Anything else you’d like to add.


Our number one goal is to up the esports scene in Scotland in any way possible, whether it be hosting a competition or event, or organising teams for people to play in.

So if anyone needs or wants help – or wants to join – don’t hesitate to ask!

Follow Scottish Warriors on Twitter and Twitch here

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