XENEX maintain lead in ESL LoL Prem after exciting clash with Cyclone – week 5 results recap

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Dom Sacco provides a quick recap of this week’s UK League of Legends matches in the ESL Premiership.
The first game of the evening (Twitch VoD here) saw the two newcomers to the Premiership face-off: league leaders XENEX and promising organisation Cyclone.
The first game was one of the more exciting matches we’ve seen this split in the ESL Prem.
It was neck-and-neck for most of the first game, with plenty of skirmishes and close-call fights. It was 15-15 before the halfway mark, but a frantic team fight near the end finished with a quadra kill from XENEX top-laner Shikari (as Fiora) to ace Cyclone and close it out.
Cyclone’s new mid-laner Ripi also performed well as Orianna, going 6/2/9.

In game two, Cyclone started off brightly, going 2-0 up by the 10-minute mark, with kills from top-laner kerberos and jungler Demo.
However, XENEX fought back to soon take a 4-2 lead. By 25 minutes it was 11-10 to XENEX in what was another close-fought game.
In this game it was the other mid-laner’s turn to impress, with XENEX mid-laner buckland going 6/2/4 as LeBlanc. ADC Innaxe also put in some serious damage as a Lethality-focused Miss Fortune with a 7/4/10 individual score.
While XENEX won game two 20-15, the two wins perhaps don’t reflect how close the match was for the most part, and it could have easily been 1-1. But XENEX showed the mark of champions and got the 2-0.
Bulldog played against Paria in the other streamed game of the evening.
Bottom-of-the-league Paria were playing for pride as we entered the second half of the split, and they did fight hard this game, going 12-11 down before the 20-minute mark.
Eventually, Bulldog broke through and ended up winning 20-15 with an 11k gold lead in the first game, and a more convincing 22-7 in game two.

Elsewhere, GLB drew 1-1 with MnM, and Excel drew with Enclave 1-1.
The standings after week five’s matches are as follows (credit: ESL UK website):
The top four are really starting to take shape now, with Enclave, Bulldog, GLB and Cyclone fighting to break into the top four.
Only the top two will progress to the LAN finals.
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