Join the Esports News UK League of Legends in-game club!

Have you ever wanted to be in with the cool kids? We know you have!
Have you ever wanted to see Dom complain about all the LP he isn’t gaining in soloQ? We bet you do!
Have you ever wanted to witness David moan about all those Silver ADCs he gets in his matches? We already know you do!
If so, look no further than the Esports News UK League Of Legends Club! Here over at the Esports news UK club we everything you could ever possibly need in life! Such as the in-game tag ‘ENUK’! What else could you possibly need?
By now we can tell that you’re shouting out loud to yourself “How do I get in to this glorious club?!?!” Well, it’s rather simple!
All you need to do is add either “2ShotsNoCigars” (Crane), “Bluestreak” (Dom) or “renegade826” (David) and we’ll send you an invite to our exclusive club!

*secretly we only want you to do this so you can get us more publicity by using our tag in game and sharing our name
**Message from Dom: This post was absolutely not written by me! What on Earth is that hideous image?

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