Multiplay announces £2,500 Overwatch and £3,000 Rocket League i60 tournaments

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Multiplay has confirmed that an Overwatch tournament is returning to Insomnia.
The Overwatch Open will take place at i60 from April 14th to 16th at the Birmingham NEC, featuring a £2,500 prize pool.
The pool will rise to £3,750 if 16 teams take part, or £5,000 if a minimum of 32 teams sign up to participate.
It has also confirmed a £3,000 Rocket League Open.
Multiplay said in a statement: “We aim to accommodate all skill levels by running a group stage from which teams are sorted into either a Pro or Intermediate bracket so you can enjoy Overwatch all weekend at a skill level that suits you.”
More Overwatch details and sign up information can be found here, while the Rocket League page is here.
Multiplay recently confirmed the League of Legends Open at i60 will have a £1,500 prize pool, rising to £3,000, and it also ditched Dota 2 at i60.

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