ESL UK to give away Power Core card backs at free Hearthstone Championship Tour event

free power core hearthstone 1

Blizzard has announced it will bring Hearthstone to various cities across Europe for the European segment of the Winter Championship.
Players will be able take part in the Tavern Hero Tournament on Friday February 10th, with the top eight joining 64 of Europe’s best-ranked Hearthstone players in the Winter Playoffs on the weekend of February 11th and 12th.
There are 25 different European venues, with the UK event taking place at the ESL UK studio in Leicester from February 10th to 12th.
ESL will be hosting quizzes, challenges and casual tournaments for guests. It’s free to attend, and those taking part in any activities will receive a Power Core card back.
Four players will progress to compete on the world stage at the Bahamas on March 23rd.
ESL will also be bringing ESL UK/IRE Premiership veterans, Boarcontrol and Ness (from Torpedo), as part of their player vs pro challenge.
Organisers will provide systems for attendees to play on. However, there is a limited amount of those, so bringing your own device is recommended.
ESL has been busy with other events at its Leicester studio too. As well as some of the upcoming Premiership finals, it’s also hosting a varsity match between the University of Leicester and De Montfort University in March.
More details on the Hearthstone event can be found on ESL’s 2017 HCT Winter Playoffs Facebook page

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