Riot's new international League of Legends tournament could be a 'World Cup'

riot league legends world cup 1

Riot Games is thinking of adding an international World Cup-style tournament for League of Legends.
The brand new competition is set to take place in July this year.
According to Yahoo Sports’ translation of a Riot/Tencent press conference in China, Riot Games rep Ye Qiang said: “We have to think of some different kinds of international events. In July this year, there will be a new international tournament. I still cannot disclose too many details.
“We are still considering what kind of event would be the most interesting for everyone. For example, can we do a World Cup-type tournament?

“In July this year, there will be a new international tournament. Can we do a World Cup-type tournament?”

“We hope LoL events can be more diversified, can satisfy our audience, and can give everyone a better player experience, so this is what we will target for the event this year in July. Wait and see.”
While the existing League of Legends World Championship showcases the 16 best teams across the globe, Ye Qiang’s comments suggest Riot is exploring the possibility of a nations -versus-nations type tournament.
That’ll be another tournament for SKT Telecom T1 to win then…

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