Deman had 24 interviews with Riot for an NA LCS casting position

deman 1

British caster Leigh “Deman” Smith has opened up on Riot Games’ rigorous job application process in a new video log.
The well-known commentator revealed that he applied for the position of a play-by-play caster in the North American LCS back at the start of 2016.
Deman said he had to take part in 24 separate interviews over a two-day period, with each lasting about half an hour. He said that each chat was with one of 24 different people from Riot, within their casting and esports divisions.
His application was rejected by three people of the 24.
“I have no hard feelings whatsoever about that, I kind of agree with one of the persons that rejected me and I completely understand his reasons for it,” Deman said.
This inspired him to look beyond League of Legends. Deman also admitted that he had less passion for CSGO than LoL, and also spoke of his motivations for casting following the Riot interviews.
You can listen to Deman’s full video log below (the info on the League casting position starts shortly after the two-minute mark):

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