Origen must be patient with Toaster – his best is yet to come

Former FM-eSports and Exertus Esports ADC Augustas “Toaster” Ruplys has posted an update on his time with Origen so far. Dominic Sacco analyses the post, shares his views on the talented marksman and argues how, with the right conditions, he can set the LCS alight.
Toaster moved to the LCS side last month and helped them beat Roccat 2-0, but his first few performances were understandably nervy ones.
However, with the right guidance and welcoming team, I believe Toaster can really prove why he caught the attention of Origen in the first place.
Toaster was undoubtedly one of the best ADCs in the ESL UK League of Legends Premiership over the past year. He was also rather underrated, and while he wasn’t as vocal as some of the other players in the scene, he stood up when counted.
Put Toaster in an environment where he is comfortable, relaxed and enjoying himself, and you will get the best out of him.
He’s completely new to the LCS. In my opinion, he deserves another chance with Origen. xPeke needs to put his arm around him and give him the support he needs to take his game to the next level.
Toaster admitted: “I was an inexperienced rookie who had no previous CS/LCS experience. I will put it out there that I didn’t perform all too well in the tryout stages.
“I played a few sets of scrims with the team and next day I’m told that I’m flying over! Never been more excited in my life – honestly it’s like a dream come true, I’m extremely motivated and ready to turn this split around.
“I flew over one day before the start of Week 7 of LCS, we had a big set of scrims before the games. It honestly didn’t go too well, so I wasn’t too confident going into our matches vs s04/ROC. We are driving to the LCS studio, I still can’t believe this is happening – I’m playing alongside legendary players which I respect.
“Game starts, I’m still massively inexperienced so I’m uncertain about rotations on the map. Honestly don’t remember the game whatsoever because I was so nervous, but I remember us stalling to Azir/Sivir late game spikes and making a comeback.
“Game 2: I don’t even remember, I just remember cancelling a lot of autos and fumbling in few fights. Anyways we lose and draw out the series but the morale of the team isn’t too bad. Second day of week 7 begins, we win 2-0 vs Roccat I was quite happy about the win but my weaknesses clearly showed. Still have so many things to work on and excited to work on it!”
It’s clear that Toaster just needs to settle in. He’s got the motivation, he’s doing what he’s dreamt of doing, he just needs a welcoming hand and to feel relaxed. He’s hinted that there’s a chance he may stay at Origen.

He’s obviously a confidence player, and if you can get him feeling like he’s unstoppable, I’m sure he will be unstoppable. The time for that may be a little way off yet, but I believe it’s a case of if, not when, for Toaster.
Toaster also talks about playing ‘insanely poorly’ at times and ‘making really stupid mistakes’.
“Every time I under performed or the team was down in morale, the knight in shining armor Peke stepped in, me being left in the shadows.
“When week eight begins and we have our big game vs Giants, I’m starting for some reason, even though I have been playing poorly the whole week. Guess my pride stopped me from stepping back and asking Peke to play. The game was a complete disaster vs Giants – we fail to follow the game plans and do stupid stuff all the time. The lack of Peke clearly showed that game. Next day they decide to put Peke in vs Fnatic, the team obviously had a way better macro game and were able to force a tie.
“As the weeks go on they are putting in Peke to play more and more. While in my opinion I was improving my macro game and lane assignments due to Soaz’s teachings. My mechanics started to slack since I was trying to learn lane assignments, rotations and overall map play. So at the end of the day what was I there for? Since Peke played just as well as me and still had only slightly worse mechanics, while also bringing the shot calling into the picture. It was obvious that the team will be going with Peke the next few weeks.”
What we’ve got here is an obvious case of rookie and master. Toaster, it’s not your fault you’re being placed into a side with an experienced player like xPeke.
Toaster added: “Honestly I got thrown into the deep end and sadly didn’t meet the expectations, but to see so many fans sending me messages cheering me on, sending me heartwarming messages always puts a smile on my face. Thank you guys so much I really mean it!”
My message to Toaster would be:

  • You’re a great player! Remember that
  • Stop putting yourself down
  • Stop comparing yourself to xPeke. There will never be another xPeke, and even if there was, you’re not him – you’re Toaster!
  • Your time will come, I believe in you, so does many Origen fans and so does the UK scene

My message to Origen and Peke would be:

  • Give Toaster another chance
  • Make him feel at home
  • Your challenge is to make him believe in himself
  • Be patient with him

Toaster’s best is yet to come, and I can’t wait to see it happen when it does.

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