UK org Raw eSports wants to compete 'at the highest level possible' in Call of Duty

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Raw eSports is ready to make an impact in the UK eSports scene having finalised their Call of Duty team roster for i58.
The Multiplay Insomnia LAN gets underway at the end of this month at the Birmingham NEC, and Raw eSports’ 17-year-old owner Adam Stratton hopes it could be the start of something bright for the org.

“We are doing this to try and succeed in our goals and thrive to become one of the top EU organisations,” he told eSports News UK. “We also want to compete in NA, but just not as of yet.

“Our aims are to succeed in the EU and progressively move along and compete in both EU and NA. We want to compete at the highest level possible.”

Raw’s CoD roster is as follows:

Adam is keen to get a decent grounding in Call of Duty first, but has his eyes on the UK CSGO scene as well.

“We only bought over Raw about two weeks ago,” he added. “Since then we have picked up a Call of Duty team who are competing at i58.

“We would also be looking for a CSGO team that could potentially compete at i58 too.”

The grassroots UK org has a logo and jerseys, and is currently working on creating a website.

In the meantime you can check out Raw eSports on Twitter and follow Adam here.

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