Is the UK LoL community dwindling? Man rips into London Facebook group in video rant

“It seems in my absence you have all become complacent, which is not good. I do not like this one bit,” the rant begins.
Cem Yatak (pictured), a member of the public League of Legends London Facebook group, posted a video in the group, with the hashtags ‘#‎CalledOut‬‘ and ‪’#‎DeadGroup‬‘.
“You guys are going to get upset – that’s the whole f*cking point – but this group of over 2,000 people used to be interesting,” he says.
“It’s time to call out some people. I don’t care if you get upset – it’s not my f*cking problem. I just tell it like it is, don’t hate, I’m just reporting the news.
“There are over 2,000 people in this group, and it’s not even on life support – it’s dead. It’s actually f*cking dead. It’s not even being manually resuscitated, it is so dead.”
He goes on: “It’s so sad, because some of the people here are actually pretty decent people with actual talents and skills, and all it is now is one guy sharing his f*cking Twitch stream and one b*tch sharing her f*cking YouTube videos.
“If I wanted to see these, I’d f*cking follow this guy on Twitch or follow this girl on YouTube, but no, this is just basically someone’s personal f*cking dumping ground now.
“This isn’t even interesting anymore mate. This group can unfortunately go f*ck itself.”
Cem called out some streamers in his rant, including Aly Feng and Mahmoud Soliman, who post regularly in the group.
Aly responded with the following:
Group admins say they are going to discuss what can be done to improve the activity in the group, and also if Cem will be banned or not.
Admin RJ Anderson said: “If no one besides admins contribute, the group won’t function. If people look at the discussion and scroll past saying nothing, the group won’t function.
“As I’ve said before, I’ve made frequent attempts to get the community talking, but like other groups they are only concerned with lolling and scrolling past dank memes and drama.”
Others attacked Cem over the video, to which he responded angrily:
Cem said he’s already been banned from the group four times, but won’t be banned again because he’s leaving “this sh*t”.
“It’s pointless, it’s boring, the game’s shit, the people are uninteresting, and if I want to follow Mahmoud Soliman’s stream I will go and do that on Twitch,” Cem said.
“So thanks for the laugh’s over the years, I’m out to play Pokemon Go. Oh no, wait I can’t even do that because f*cking Niantic have taken Pokevision down, so I guess I’ll wait for f*cking Tekken 7 to come out or some sh*t. Peace.”

Reaction: Is the UK League of Legends community ‘dying’?

There are several UK community groups around League of Legends, from LoL UK to LoL London, to the League of Legends Scotland Community and more.
With interest around Pokemon Go and Overwatch of late, Cem has a point: is the UK League community dwindling?
Tom Villiers, Choke Gaming manager and former League of Legends UK admin, said: “It’s difficult to say, I think there’s a number of issues: dynamic queue, current meta is poor, then you have things like Overwatch and Pokemon Go taking a lot of the limelight recently, but things like Worlds/Leaguefest which Riot invest heavily into, will still get big turnouts in my opinion.
“Smaller community events and the communities in general are struggling, but I feel it’s for a number of factors as stated above. I felt LoL London was at it’s prime when Gary Kimmelman was helping to run the group, he moderated the content well and actually run community events in London to get people more involved.”
UK League member Gary Kimmelman added: “I think everything is fine in the community as a whole and the rant is simply highlighting a decline in member content appearing in the London Facebook group. I still monitor the Facebook groups including the LoL London one as it was the first LoL community Facebook Group I ever joined and has a sentimental value to me.
“The first step to be taken is to remove users who are only in the group to advertise/spam their twitch/YouTube/page as there is currently more of these posts than any other, which makes the page feel unwelcoming and uninteresting to browse for members both old, such as Cem, and new.
“The LoL London group has a history of drama and good times and it’s how I met key community members Luke Ray and Emily Hang, both of which are passionate about LoL and the pro scene.
“TL;dr – the group is fine, just get rid of those pesky spammers. It’s the community/player base which grew the game to what it is today, and it’s the same community which continues to support the game and keep it going.”
League of Legends London admin Luke Ray commented: “The rest of the admin team and I will be having discussions this week in regards to the current status of League in the UK and London, along with ways to improve activity within all of the League communities across the UK.
“Personally, I believe many have chosen to take breaks from LoL in favour of other games such as Overwatch and Pokemon Go. The shift could possibly be due to many changes within LoL and Riot Games themselves, since Tencent bought the remaining equity of the company.”

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Top quality sh*tpost, might as well of had Gary write it himself