Mousesports signs UK's youngest eSports pro

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13-year-old British Vainglory player Benedict “MrKcool” Ward (pictured, centre) is now a pro gamer for Mousesports.
The organisation has signed the Rebirth of an Empire roster, which also includes German players Deniz “nettetoilette” Heinzelmann, Orkan “UpFyr” Bolat and Alican “GreatkhALI” Üzüm.
The deal marks Mousesports’ move into the professional Vainglory scene and mobile eSports.
German-based team Rebirth of Empire, was founded in 2015 and recently won the Vainglory Master Series.
They also finished third at the European Winter Live Championships in London, where Benedict spoke to eSports News UK about his age and ambitions.
“We have risen to the pinnacle of Vainglory with a homegrown group of awesome players, of which I am proud to be a part,” he said.
“Joining Mousesports is a huge window of opportunity and excitement for all of us.”
Cengiz Tüylü, CEO of Mousesports, added: “We have always been known for fielding Germany’s elite teams in any game we enter. Once we decided to get into the booming mobile eSports market, the former Rebirth of Empire team was our obvious choice.
“This young team has impressed us with their passion and dedication – and I am sure Mousesports Vainglory is going to be a success story.”
Mousesports’ Vainglory team also includes analyst Enes Aydemir and manager Terence Valentine.
Vainglory developer Super Evil Megacorp previously told eSports News UK the Vainglory age restriction is eight years old, though obviously younger players must gain permission from their parents or guardian to travel and play in LAN tournaments.

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